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HOWL Studio is an online womenswear fashion brand, currently based in HONG KONG shipping worldwide. 

Effortlessly Chic

Founded in 2013, designer brand HOWL Studio was born from a desire to offer EFFORTLESSLY CHIC fashion that doesn’t break your wallet. HOWL Studio is best known for its playful graphics, unique silhouette and unexpected details. Ultimately, our brand creates clothing that strikes a balance between exquisite and carelessness, which can be elevated to be special for any occasion.

Howl About Us page banner
Name Origins

The name “HOWL” comes from the title of a poem by American poet Allen Ginsberg. Just like an exclamation mark expressed through the sound, HOWL has become synonymous with spontaneous emotions.


Celebrity and Influencer

Growing from social media and with an early endorsement from A-list celebrities in Asia, HOWL Studio’s collection has gained a dedicated following and the support of popular fashion bloggers and influencers.


Inspired to collaborate

HOWL not only determines to produce fashion, but also aims at collaborating with different artists and creative personae from diversified realms in the world, promoting conversations between people and generating connections across the global community.